Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Santorini, Greece 4

 Santorini, Greece 4

After we left Oia, the bus took us around the other side of the island then stopped at a winery where we had free wine, cheese and breads. I photographed a couple of flowers, one of which reminded me of a "bottle washer" plant I photographed in Florida.

The second photo shows a view of the island from the winery. The tiny white strip on the cliffs in the background is Oia. You can also see our cruise ship moored off the town of Fira, the capital, which was the last stop on our tour. You can see there are a lot more people walking the streets of this community.

I don't have photos of the other side of the island because I was sitting in the bus wishing I could get out and explore the black and red beaches that the guide described as we drove by ... :( That is the worst thing about the shore excursions - I pass so many beautiful sights that I can't photograph. Occasionally, the lighting is OK and there aren't many reflections, but most times I am frustrated because I can't make photographs from the bus.

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