Saturday, January 19, 2013

Santorini, Greece 1

Santorini, Greece 1

Imagine living on the remnants of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history! The most recent eruption of the active volcano was in 1950, and steam still rises from some places on the most active crater. Having studied geology as an undergraduate student, I was interested in seeing the rock formations, but I was also interested in seeing the whitewashed buildings clinging to the edges of the steep cliffs of the collapsed caldera.

Today`s photos were taken in Oia, a community on the north side of the island. We took a tour that took us to this beautiful area first. However, we had less than an hour to explore before boarding the bus and driving around the island. If I ever return to this island, I will spend more time in this scenic area.

I mentioned in previous posts that when I went ashore, instead of taking my large camera bag which is bulky, I took my Canon digital SLR and the Nikon point and shoot with 36x optical zoom. For this series I plan to show the photos taken with the point and shoot camera first, then those taken with the DSLR. Many of you are photographers and I thought you may be interested in seeing if there is a difference in the images. I shot similar photos with both cameras to see how each dealt with the bright light of the white buildings.

You will see several blue domes among the white houses. According to our tour guide, these were family chapels and can be seen all over the Greek islands. I saw a dog sleeping on a wide rail and thought that if it happened to roll over, it would plunge over the steep cliff that was hundreds of feet high. I took a couple of photos and it didn't even look up. I also saw cats sleeping in "dangerous" places as well.

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