Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Athens / Acropolis 2

Athens / Acropolis 2

Despite standing among ruins of buildings that were built 2500 years ago, many people were using their cell phones. Of course, they may have been taking photos with them and checking to see how they were coming out. Nonetheless, I still photographed one young woman standing in the shade of the Parthenon with the brightly-lit Erechtheum in the background.

There weren't as many people around the Erechtheum so I took a few photos before walking around the huge Parthenon. If you check the other photos I have uploaded you will see the scaffolding and cranes. I tried my best to keep them out of the photos, but couldn't. Imagine trying to construct these huge buildings with the technology available 2,500 years ago!

One certainly "feels" the history while walking on the hill that has been inhabited for 4,000 years. I could almost imagine the celebrations, battles, sacrifices, deaths and births there. The history is rich, but as I read on line after we returned, people fought there many times. The buildings were destroyed and rebuilt several times and archaeological digs there have helped tell the story. Today, tourists flock to the Acropolis and entry fees help fund the latest reconstruction projects.

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