Sunday, January 06, 2013

Dubrovnik, Croatia 7

Dubrovnik, Croatia 7

I walked along the top street in Dubrovnik until it led to a set of stairs (which is really the street) leading down toward the main street. I made a few photos on the way down, then came out next to a café where the first thing I saw was 4 people nearest to me checking their phones. I saw this so many times on our trips that I quickly made this photo. I find it amazing how prevalent the "smart" phones are, and how "addicted" some people seem to be.

Ten days later, when we were flying home a young woman across the aisle ignored every announcement asking people to turn off phones and each time a stewardess came by, she would hide it. She cared nothing about the safety announcements - just wanted to keep checking her Facebook page. It seemed like she couldn't put it away, even for a few minutes.

The windows in the last photo reminded me of Venice and when I checked its history, Dubrovnik was under Venetian rule for over 100 years in the Middle Ages.

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