Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bodrum, Turkey 3

 Bodrum, Turkey 3

Today`s photos were taken as my wife and I walked from the Grandeur of the Seas to the beach area of the city of Bodrum in Turkey. I am not sure what I thought Turkey would be like, but it certainly wasn`t tropical resorts with beautiful beaches. While the beach isn`t as big, this place reminded me of Caribbean ports of call. I was surprised to see apples growing near the beach alongside palm trees.

I shared the first photo to show that in some ports we just walked ashore and spent time exploring the area on our own. We find that more leisurely and, to be honest, more interesting than some of the shore excursions we did take on our various cruises. Not having to follow a guide has many advantages including: more leisurely, fewer people, can spend more time on things we are interested in and can make a lot more photographs.

Among the 20 photos I`ve uploaded you`ll see images of flowers, trees, the beach and people.

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