Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mykonos, Greece 5

Mykonos, Greece 5

Even though most of the streets in Mykonos were narrow, small trucks and motorcycles were allowed on the streets. It must have been frustrating for drivers because some of the streets were literally full of tourists. As you can see form the photos, there wasn't much room for the small vehicles to get around.

As well, there wasn't much greenery around the parts of Mykonos we visited. There were few trees but many flower pots outside doors and on steps. This is quite a contrast to the forest all around my home.

We saw a few very narrow streets that were nearly totally white. If you look carefully, you can see a white bag in the roadway on one of them. I've uploaded one photo of an alleyway that was so narrow, I could barely fit through it!

You should be getting a sense of what it was like to walk around the streets of Mykonos from the photos I have been sharing. A few people have said that they are enjoying the photos of Mykonos more than those of Santorini that I shared last week. To be honest, I also enjoyed Mykonos more, but part of the reason is because we were on our own and had much more time to explore. It was more relaxing and I could take many more photos.

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