Monday, January 21, 2013

Santorini, Greece 3

Santorini, Greece 3

Today's photos show you more of Oia, a city clinging to the edge of a steep cliff. I am not sure why people decided to build on the edge of an active volcano that last erupted in 1950. It looks like a strong earthquake would shake the buildings off the cliffs and I am not sure how they could survive a large volcanic eruption.
Our guide told us that the blue domes around the island represented the blue sky and water of the Mediterranean. As well the colours of the Greek flag are blue and white.

If you checked the photos I uploaded to my Blog yesterday and wondered what the letters WC stood for - it means water closet or toilet. In Oia they charged half a Euro which was approximately 70 cents to use their facilities. There was a huge line up for the two toilets available. We paid one Euro for most bathrooms, however if you were in a restaurant or bar, they were free.

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