Thursday, January 10, 2013

Athens / Acropolis 3

Athens / Acropolis 3

As I walked around the Acropolis making photographs I tried to shoot some scenes without people in them, however, that wan nearly next to impossible because of the large numbers of people. After a while, I gave up and intentionally shot scenes with people in them.

I walked around the Parthenon and was surprised that few people were there, especially considering that there was no scaffolding and I was almost able to hide the cranes behind the huge columns.

There were many people around the Erechtheus, but I waited and waited for a chance to photograph it without anyone. When there were only 2 individuals, I made a photo. There were other groups headed toward me and I realized that was the best I would get.

I explored some of the large pieces of marble columns and photographed some of the writing that had been chiselled into them 2500 years ago. I have no idea what the writing means, but it certainly lasted a long time. I wonder how long our paper and electronic communications will last.

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