Monday, January 14, 2013

Bodrum 2

Bodrum 2

I`ve actually changed the order of the ports we visited in Turkey. I`ll share the photos of Ephesus after those I made in Bodrum. The reason for the change is because Ephesus is the ruins of a large Roman city that is being excavated about 20 minutes drive from the port of Kusadasis, and I didn`t want to share photos of more ruins just after The Acropolis.

I am starting with a photo of a woman looking out over a crowd while leaning on the Turkish flag, which I really like. She only stayed long enough to make the photo, then left. I then made an image without the woman to show the difference a person makes to some photos.

The rest were taken from the deck of Royal Caribbean`s Grandeur of the Seas as we docked in this beautiful resort town. As you can see, the architecture is very interesting. We didn`t book a shore excursion there because we were happy to explore the city on our own.

If you are wondering why I put spaces between the letters in today`s Newfoundland and Labrador`s Link of the Day. it is because when I upload photos of that town, it always gets identified as SPAM and causes me headaches. However, it is a beautiful little town that is well worth the visit.

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