Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bodrum, Turkey 4

Bodrum, Turkey 4

The short walk into the commercial centre of Bodrum was interesting, but when we arrived the photo ops seemed to be endless. The beach area, which was quite long, was lined with interesting-looking bars and restaurants and each one had a waiter outside inviting us in. A few gave us their brochures and, once we told them we weren`t ready to eat, asked if we would drop back. One person even asked if I wanted to take his photo, then posed for me. On our way back to the ship we did stop for a refreshment in one of the establishments on the beach. As we were leaving, a waiter in the next restaurant stopped us and said that he was hurt because we stopped there instead of his restaurant. How he remembered us is surprising considering the large numbers of people, but I explained that we thought we had the right place. I share this because I know a couple of you are planning to visit there soon.

If you look through all the photos I upload to my Blog you will see signs in English. We found that most people, at least those in the service industry, spoke good English and there was no problem communicating with them. As well. everyone was really friendly and had a good sense of humour. This was also true of the people we met in Kusadasis, Turkey the previous day.

I mentioned yesterday that Bodrum is a resort town. Prices there were more than reasonable and, if you are serious about purchasing, you can barter for a better deal. I mentioned that waiters invited us back, and If you haven't been checking my Blog, you may want to see the variety of images I am uploading of this place: people, beaches, buildings, plants and colourful windows and doors.

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