Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Viking Trail - Boats & Stages

Viking Trail - Boats & Stages

Another category of photos that have not been identified by community is Boats and Stages. I have added images of lobster pots as well since they were visible all along the Viking Trail during my first visit in 2004. Interestingly, I didn't see as many during my second trip in 2010. As with the abstracts I shared over the past two days, if anyone can identify the communities in which these photos were taken, I would appreciate it.

I am glad I took the time to make photos of the boats and stages because during my trip in 2010 I noticed several had disappeared during the six years between visits. In fact, a person on Facebook informed me that the stages in the recent photos of Great Brehat ( ) were washed away during a storm in 2011.

That things change is one concept I learned early in my photographic experience. One morning in the summer of 1970, while I was working in Northern Ontario as a geology student, I photographed a small isolated camp on the Severn River with my brand new 35 mm camera. That evening on our way home, the camp was in flames. We tried helping the people by filling our boats with items but it was too late to put out the fire which had destroyed all the tents and had turned into a raging forest fire. The next group of photos I took there was of the charred remains of the site. A lot can happen in a few hours to change a photographic subject.

Since then I have been making photos in communities all around this province, many of which are changing because of the downturn in the fishing industry over the past 20 years. Of course, storms, fires and other factors make drastic and sudden changes as well.

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William F Matthews said...

Many thanks for the boat/scenic community shots. It is interesting to note that even a partial shot of a boat is interesting. I always have to give a lot of thought before photographing a boat.

K. Bruce Lane - Photo of the Day said...

You are welcome ... I often shoot parts of boats and like many of them. :)

Thanks again for your comments.