Saturday, May 01, 2010

Houses 3

The first two photos this morning were taken in New Harbour, Trinity Bay and the third was in Old Shop, a nearby community. It is obvious that the first two, which were right next door to each other, were abandoned. I thought it unusual to see two such large houses so close together with no one living in them. I think there was someone living in the green house, even though there were no tracks in the snow. I know the yellow house in the last photo is now lived in, at least during the summer, because there were people there during my last visit to Perry's Cove, Conception Bay.

The purpose of this series of House images is to show you the styles and colours of some of the older homes I see in my travels. I do see, and photograph, newer homes that attract my attention, but I am saving those images for the future. A few people from different countries have commented on the style(s) of houses and have compared them with those in their countries. One person has even told me that he has become addicted to photographing houses because of me. :)

Feel free to comment and/or send me photos of the styles of houses in your countries and I will upload them to the MQP Photo Album Project so kids around the world will be able to view and use them in school projects.

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