Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another Moose

Our local newscasts and open line shows have been flooded with reports of moose on or near the highways all across the province. Most radio stations broadcast "moose alerts" that tell people where moose have been spotted and, since most people have cell phones, there are a lot. I saw a moose while driving on the highway at night (which I avoid as much as possible) last week and another the next morning. There have been several accidents and at least one fatality in recent weeks so please be careful if you are driving on the highways here, especially this time of the year when the mothers have driven young calves away and left them on their own.

I haven't seen the mother and yearling since I photographed them on May 4, but a couple of days ago a large bull wandered onto my property just as the sun was going down for the day. Of course, I grabbed my camera and approached it slowly. I think this is a different moose than the ones I have been photographing for over a year, because it wasn't as used to me as the others were. As I approached, it became nervous and started to move away. I followed it into the woods and it ran from me - the young bull I had been photographing used to approach me, rather than run away.

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