Monday, May 10, 2010


For a year I have been photographing a mother and calf moose that have been visiting my property on a regular basis. A few days ago both moose were in my son's yard, just next door. I got there in time to see the moose looking at Tuesday, one of Mark's cats. I believe the moose was curious about the cat because it followed Tuesday around a bit. I decided to make an image of the moose with a neighbour's house in the background.

The yearling. which is almost the same size as the adult, was hiding in the bushes but had to have a look at me before disappearing into the woods with his mother, who still hasn't driven him away yet. I don't think she is pregnant because she doesn't look like she is about to give birth.

The next morning both moose were in my driveway when I got up, but I didn't get a photo because it was still too dark. As I was leaving for work I took a couple of photos to show how camouflaged they are when standing in trees.

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