Sunday, May 02, 2010

Houses 4

The first two houses shown this morning were taken in Ochre Pit Cove, Conception Bay and the third was in Northern Bay, a nearby community. The first two, which were right next door to each other, are brightly coloured and really stand out. I thought it unusual to see two such brightly coloured houses so close together. There are more photos of these houses on my Blog - Photo of the Day Blog - just do a search for Ochre Pit Cove.

My wife and I, and another couple, rented the blue house on a Victoria Day weekend around 12 years ago and spent a couple of days in Northern Bay. It was so foggy we could barely see across the street and it was so cold we literally spent the entire time inside this old home. I have a couple of slides of the inside, but can't share them with you for a while yet.

The dark green house was in Broad Cove, Conception Bay. Occasionally, I see this colour of house, but not too often.

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