Friday, April 30, 2010

Houses 3

Today's images of houses are from a variety of places around the Avalon Peninsula. The first house was in Conception Harbour. As I was photographing the house and barn, two people came out and started a conversation. The lady wanted me to take a photo of her sitting in front of the red barn; which I did.

The second house is in Chapel's Cove and I liked the yellowish-beige traditional style home. That colour used to be common but I don't see as many these days.

The white house with colourful windows caught my attention as I drove through one of the communities nearby. Unfortunately, I don't remember which community!! I guess my memory isn't as good as it used to be. :

The fourth house was in Mitchell's Brook. This looked like a brand new home, but it may have been an older home that was being renovated.

The last house this morning was in Haricott, St. Mary's Bay. I'll be interested to see this house when I make a trip down there this summer.

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