Monday, May 31, 2010


Today I have chosen a few more images of abandoned houses along the Viking Trail. As I stated in yesterday's post, I have photographed many old houses over the years and I know for certain that many of them no longer exist. I often wonder what stories the houses could tell if they could speak to us.

The house in the first image is quite large and looks as though it had been abandoned for quite a while. It is probably twice as large most of the typical two-story houses around the island. The house in the second image is more typical and had also been abandoned for quite a while. The design of the roof on the house in the fifth image is different than most I see during my travels. This building may have been used for storage when I made the photograph in 2004. The house in the last photo may not have been abandoned for long, in fact I wondered if it were still used from time to time because there was a footpath, which didn't seem to be used a lot, in the grasses and weeds that were growing right to the doors.

All of these houses overlook the ocean, which on a beautiful day must have been fabulous, but I suspect it got quite windy and cold during winter storms.

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