Tuesday, May 04, 2010


During my first visit to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia I made about 130 photos as I walked around the town. I thought the town was very photogenic and would like to share a few photos over the next few days. This town is a popular tourist destination and, during the summer months, they get hundreds of visitors every day.

What types of photos did I see in a different town in a different province? I hope you will enjoy "seeing" Lunenburg as I saw it during a short visit in July, 2003. As I chose images for this series, I realized that the photographic subjects are very similar to those in any town I photograph: houses, buildings, seascapes, boats, fishing stages, windows, doors, clotheslines, and people.

The large red building in the first two photos used to be fishing stages, but it is now a Fishermen's Museum, gift shop and restaurant. I didn't take a horse and buggy ride, but I imagine this is a relaxing way to see the town. I cropped the last photo from a much wider view. The same red buildings are in the lower right of the third image. I liked all the colourful buildings in this scenic community.

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