Monday, May 03, 2010

Houses 5

This is the last in the colourful house series for a while. This summer, I plan to make a few trips to nearby towns to capture more photos of houses, and to re-photograph the ones I already have. It will be interesting to photograph them again to note the differences in them over time.

The first house this morning was photographed in Northern Bay and was close to the blue house I shared yesterday. The second, very-large yellow house was located in Harbour Grace. I liked the large windows in this old home. The orange house is located in Conception Bay South. I drove by there last week and noticed that it is now painted a different colour. This one is definitely on my list to be photographed again. :) The next three houses were photographed in Broad Cove, Conception Bay, a great town to visit if you want to photograph traditional style houses. The last image today was taken in Harbour Grace. THis large home is now a bed and breakfast, I believe.

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