Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This morning I decided to share photos of sailboats in Holyrood Harbour. The local marina is home to many sailboats and during the summer months there are races in which they, and people from other marinas compete. If I am near the harbour with my camera when sailboats are on the water, I usually take the time to make a few photographs.

The first photo shows four or five boats that were getting ready to line up for a race. These boats looked very close together and seemed to be going in all directions but the pilots were skillful and there were no collisions. I am amazed that they can control the sailboats so well when they are dependent on wind for power.

I have only been on a sailboat once and remember how quiet it was; the only sound was the wind blowing and flapping of the sails. It was an enjoyable boat ride, but it was a fairly calm day and I suspect it wouldn't be quite as peaceful if it had been much windier.

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