Sunday, February 28, 2010


Yesterday's photos of trees with different backgrounds were taken in my back yard about 300-500 feet from my house. A couple of days ago I waited until late in the day to take my camera for a short walk out back and was hoping to see a coyote or moose since there are tracks around nearly every morning. I didn't see any wildlife but I did see a full moon and fog drifting in over the hills.

As soon as I stepped outside I saw the full moon rising in the east. I photographed it right away but thought I'd get a few photos of the dead trees (sent yesterday) with the moon in the background. When I got out there, the moon wasn't visible because of the forest, so I decided to photograph the mountain with the fog. The second image shows a close view of the mountain (about 1.5 miles away) shrouded in fog. Unfortunately, the view didn't really show the fog well so I zoomed back and photographed it a couple of times on the widest setting on my lens.

The fog in the last image seems to be rising from Main Beach Pond, the lake directly under the hills, but could be rolling up the valley from Holyrood Harbour to the north (left of the photo).

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