Sunday, February 14, 2010


Melrose is located on the Trinity Bay side of the Bonavista Peninsula. I made today's photos in mid-morning and because of the position of the sun, captured silhouettes of the islands in the harbour. To capture the first three images, I used my 17-40mm lens to get as wide an angle as I could. I switched to a vertical format and tried to include the sun in the third image. Of course, because I was shooting directly into the bright sun, I didn't look directly through the viewfinder, but looked from a few inches away so I wouldn't blind myself. I switched to my 70-300 mm lens to zoom closer to the islands.

I was experimenting with lighting the day I was there and tried some manual settings to see what effect changing the aperture would have on the final images. As you can see the final image is much darker than the others.

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