Tuesday, February 02, 2010


The same day I photographed the seals, I also tried a few experimental shots of the ice in the harbour. The first one was shot directly towards the sun into the bright reflections. As a result, the camera read the scene as very bright causing the final image to be dark. I liked the lines and shadows created by the bright light. The other images were taken at a variety of angles to the sun and you can see that the ice looks different in each view.

Of course you don't have to photograph ice to show the effects of changing the angle of view. You can try this with any photographic subject to learn how changing the angle changes the subject. Remember - EVERYTHING'S A PICTURE!

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- Daphne said...

It's neat the way in one photo it appears as an open crack in the ice and it another it looks like a ridged outline atop the ice. Optical illusions.