Thursday, February 25, 2010

Boats 6

This is the last in the Boat series for now. As I said yesterday, I will return to this subject from time to time. Living on an island gives me numerous opportunities to photograph boats of all types and I have a large collection. Thanks to those of you who let me know that you are enjoying the photographs of boats. One person pointed out - I’m enjoying your series on Boats, not only the boats but the little villages and the different scenery in the background as well.

The first four photos were taken a couple of years ago on the south coast of the island. It was very cloudy when I made the first photograph in Belloram. I liked the smaller boats in the foreground and a variety of others moored off shore. The clouds were starting to break as I photographed boats in Harbour Breton.

The last image was taken in Brigus South, located along the Irish Loop on the Avalon Peninsula. As you can see, it was a calm, clear summer day - perfect for a photo shoot!

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bearkat said...

I have also been enjoying the boat series, especially since I am "land locked". I have also been enjoying the villages in the background. I am always amazed in many of your pictures, how the houses are on nothing but rock. I wonder how easy it is to be building like that!
Thanks again and have a great day!