Saturday, February 20, 2010


Another favourite photographic subject of mine is boats of all types. For the next few days, I plan to share photos of boats in harbours around the province.

The first photo shows 4 small fishing boats moored just offshore with a large iceberg in the background. It was a very overcast day which provided interesting lighting on the harbour in Spaniard's Bay.

The still waters in the harbour of Triton/Card's Harbour, the boats and stages made an idyllic scene which I couldn't resist photographing. Interestingly, these photos were taken during my second trip there that day. When I was there earlier in the morning the whole area was shrouded in heavy fog. Of course, I made fog photographs as well.

The fourth image shows boats in the harbour of Bay de Verde. The harbour in Grates Cove is open to the Atlantic Ocean. You can see that a few small boats are tied to the wharf and larger ones are moored in the harbour. I assume fishermen use the smaller boats to get to those in the harbour.

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