Friday, February 19, 2010


You need lots of patience and time to make photographs of birds, especially small birds like chickadees. Generally, they don't stay still very long and you will have to be fast to capture an image that is in focus.

The first photo shows a chickadee just as it is about to take off. Its wings show motion and the position of the bird shows that it about to fly away. Of course, this was an accident because the bird just happened to move as I pressed the shutter release. The others show birds that seem to be still and looking around, which they were for a second or two. These images have been cropped from the original photos.

You need patience because, if you are in sight of the birds, you will have to stand very still for 5 - 10 minutes before they will come back to the area. I have held sunflower seeds in my hand and waited for chickadees to take them. It is an amazing feeling to see (and feel) a wild bird land on my for a second then fly away. Once one chickadee takes a seed, it will return for others. I have tried this with other species, but chickadees seem to be the bravest.

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