Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Thanks for the positive comments regarding the photos of the red shouldered hawk that I shared yesterday. There was a request for beautiful photos of snow so I went back to 2004 and found photos that showed interesting shapes and textures in large snow drifts..

These images were made on the Witless Bay Line where the highway is usually closed during and for a while after a snowstorm. High winds and few trees make good conditions for creating high snow drifts. Today's images remind me of meringue.

Since the storm last Friday and Saturday that dropped 40 cm (16 in), the weather has been fairly warm (4°C, 38°F yesterday) so the snow has settled quite a bit. The 90 cm (36 in) they had on the eastern seaboard of the US was more than twice as much as we had. a lot of snow in one storm. I have seen some of the photos taken by members of this list - I bet you are not used to this amount of snow! 20-30 cm (8-12 in) with high winds would be a typical storm that would close schools and businesses around here!

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