Wednesday, November 04, 2009

To the Mountain 7

When I hike to the top of the mountain in summer, I tend to spend a bit of time making photos of the rocks, lichens, plants, and scenery. In winter, the wind is so cold, I tend to stay a minute or two, then head back to the warmth and protection of the trees.

The first photo shows a part of Holyrood Harbour and Conception Bay. The rounded hill in the left of the image is George Cove Mountain which has a trail that takes visitors to the top. The trail will take your breath away - uphill walk for 6 - 10 minutes, but the view is worth it. It took me over an hour to walk to the top of Inside Hawke Hills and the view is much better!

I also made several images of the rocks up there. I liked the second image which shows a large rock with a bog, far below the mountain, as an out of focus background. The fourth photo shows how the rocks have been cracked and eroded over time.

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Mark V said...

Hey Bruce,

I noticed you're getting lots of good use out of that trail. I wish I could be there now to use it. I'm glad that someone enjoys it. Do you ever see Gord up there? I used to cross paths with him from time to time.

I remember a few years ago, summer 2006 to be exact, I ran up there to take some pics of the sunset. I'm glad I knew the trail cause it would have been a rough go in the dark otherwise.


Mark V

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