Sunday, November 08, 2009

Photo Art

As most of you are aware, I enjoy creating art using my photos. I shared a photo of the lily pad yesterday and it reminded me of an image I created using it with a photo of a young girl posing for a swimsuit photo shoot I did in 2004. The model was sitting on a deck outside a B&B in Bauline East and I removed the background, reduced the size, then placed her on the lily pad.

The second image is also a combination of two photos: one of the moon and another of a butterfly. I was practicing the technique of removing everything from the butterfly image, which was very tedious, especially when working around the antennae. I decided to add the extra moon to make the image a little more exotic. Once I remove backgrounds, I have an object that can be placed on any appropriate photograph. I have used the butterfly in several images.

I added the child's face to the rather dramatic sunrise, taken near the Humber River in Deer Lake, Newfoundland and Labrador. Adults tend to take things for granted and don't always see the beauty that is all around them. Children see the world differently - everything is new and exciting to them - which is what I am trying to say with this image. I photographed the "witch", removed the background and added her to the pumpkin photo to make this interesting Halloween image. Santa was waving and I photographed a water bottle and added it to Santa's hand. I used this image to encourage recycling during the Christmas Season.

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