Thursday, November 12, 2009


I recently purchased a new scanner that will do both prints and slides and have been scanning slides taken before 1980, the year I started my slide-filing system. It is interesting to go back through the old slides and observe what I took photos of during the first few years I had a 35 mm camera. I chose different sunsets to share with you today.

The first image was taken in 1970 while I worked with a mineral exploration company on the Severn River in northern Ontario. Another camp along the river caught fire and burned to the ground and we stopped our speedboat to see if they needed help. Even though I had my new Miranda Sensorex only a couple of weeks, this image won 3rd place in a photo contest when I returned to university that fall. The second image was taken at the same time.

Long reeds of grass with the sun setting in the background looked interesting and I remember trying two or three different views. When I got the slides back (three weeks later!) I really liked the results, especially the one that had only a few silhouetted reeds in focus. I liked the pink sky and reflections in the lake when I stopped to take the second photo in the summer of 1977.


bearkat said...

Awesome sunset pictures, especially the ones with the reeds!
Was away for over 2 weeks and finally catching up with your blog. Really enjoyed the hiking pics...always fun reading your comments too!
Have a great weekend.

sunset paintings said...

Wow, these images are amazing. Love the light pouring through the tree are truly magical, well done thanks for sharing.

恋愛のこと教えてねヽ(^◇^*)/ said...
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