Thursday, November 05, 2009

To Mountain 8

Today's photos were taken as I started back towards home and all three were taken from the same location. The first was taken as I looked towards the small pond between the second and third hills. The second shows the pond just below the base of the third mountain. Note the glacial boulders both in the water and on top of the hills. I included the third photo to show how far I am from the Trans Canada Highway which is below the hill with all the microwave and radar towers. The last two images show partridge berries and pitcher plants growing near the top.

Yesterday I received a comment from my son's friend who actually made the trail I use to get to the top of the mountain. His comment is on yesterday's Blog in full, but here is a part of what he said.

I noticed you're getting lots of good use out of that trail. I wish I could be there now to use it. I'm glad that someone enjoys it.

I, for one, am thankful that he made the trail a few years back!!

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