Friday, November 13, 2009


I accompanied my wife to an H1N1 Immunization Clinic yesterday and, because I am still not eligible to receive the vaccine, took a few photos while waiting for her. I share this for two reasons: first, that there are photographic subjects everywhere I go and, second, that I wanted to mention the H1N1 pandemic. There have been 6 deaths here in Newfoundland and Labrador and the most recent was a 58 year old woman who had no known health issues. I was wondering how the flu pandemic is affecting those of you on my lists.

Normally I wouldn't take a photo with the sun directly behind me, but I had no choice when photographing the wagon wheel in the first photo. Because the wheel is circular with spokes radiating from the centre, I centered it in the image. The shadows add a little depth to the image. Even though I broke two rules of photography, I still like the image.

I tried to get inside the church in Avondale, but when I found the doors were locked, I made a few images of the outside. I saw the interesting yellow door on the drive home and liked the lighting of the sun as it came through the trees.

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