Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Osoyoos, BC

Scanning my slides is very interesting. Not only am I seeing them all again, bringing back many memories, but I can also study the photographic subjects (things I saw) and techniques I was experimenting with over 30 years ago. The advantage with scanning the images is that I can use my "digital darkroom" to crop or "fix" photos that I wasn't too happy with when I saw images, usually three weeks after they were taken.

Osoyoos is located in the interior of BC and may have the hottest temperatures in Canada during the summer. Today's photos were taken in early morning - I arose early to make a few photos outside our hotel. The lake was very calm and the reflections were beautiful. I only made six photos that morning and all were wide views of the lake. If you would like to receive one more (with my oldest son, who was three at the time, on the beach), let me know and I'll send it to you later today.

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