Sunday, November 29, 2009

Twillingate 3 - Houses and Outbuildings

As I dive through communities looking for photographs, I don't usually have anything particular in mind. I have common themes such as fishing stages, boats, houses (new and old), outbuildings, churches, seascapes, people, doors, windows, clotheslines, fences and yard art. There are times that I concentrate on one or more of these, but Twillingate had it all.

Sometimes, photographic subjects can depend on the weather. For example, on overcast, dreary days I seem to photograph subjects that have much less sky: houses, windows doors, etc. On beautiful, sunny days I take more scenic and wide angle views which emphasize the colours. When I arrived in Twillingate it was overcast, but it began to clear up as the day passed.

Today, I share images of houses and outbuildings that caught my attention. The first shows a couple of sheds at the end of a grassy path. The blue-grey shed looks like it is still being used as does the smaller, weather-beaten one next to it. However, the smaller one has pieces of siding that have fallen off and no one has painted it for quite a while.

The yellow house looked like it had been abandoned: not painted, high grass growing everywhere, no steps to the doors, roof in disrepair. The next house may also have no one living in it, but someone mows the lawn and keeps the place tidy. I suspect these houses will not look the same the next time I visit. The last two photos show older houses that are lived in and well-maintained. I liked the fences, doors and windows, as well as the hint of ocean in the background of both. I also liked the clothes on the line in the last photo.

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