Monday, November 02, 2009

To the Mountain 5

The first photo today shows the "trail" I take from the base of the second hill to the next level. Yesterday, someone mentioned that there didn't seem to be much of a trail and she was right! When I reach this part of the hike, there is no trail, I just walk towards the last hill which isn`t a rough walk.

The second photo shows my destination once again and I walk across the bog, then up the slope to the peak. The pond in the third photo is to the right of the bog in the image above. On each level, there are small ponds in bogs at the base of each hill.

When my sons were young, we used to make a trek to these hills most summers. Of course, to young boys, it was like climbing Everest and it usually took 3 - 4 hours to make it to the top. When we arrived, they explored and had fun while I took it easy and enjoyed the view. I always enjoyed the trips we made up there.

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