Saturday, October 06, 2012

Port au Port Pennsula 2

Port au Port Pennsula 2

I'm back after 24 days travelling around Europe and a couple of stops in Turkey. Quite a few of you have missed my daily photos and let me know by email. Others wondered if I were sick and I thank you for your concern. While travelling, I had very little access to the Internet and email.

Late last Spring, our travel agent let us know about a good deal on a cruise to Greece and Turkey and we decided that since we were travelling all that way, we would do two cruises. The first was a seven day cruise that took us from Barcelona, Spain to two destinations in France and three destinations in Italy. When we returned to Barcelona we flew to Venice and spent a couple of days before boarding another ship for an eleven day cruise that included two stops in Croatia, three in Greece and two in Turkey. I took around 7000 photos since I left and will start sharing some of them after they are all downloaded and edited.

For the next couple of days I will continue the Port au Port Peninsula Series that I started before I left. Today's images include lobster pots, boats, seascapes and a statue by the side of the road near a steep cliff. I am not sure why the statue was in that particular location, but a person's name is nearby and I assume it is in her memory.

As you can see, the weather did not cooperate - thick clouds, high winds and a few showers did not make for the best photo ops.

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