Saturday, October 13, 2012

Barcelona 4

Barcelona 4

Mercat de Sant Josep/La Boqueria is probably Barcelona's best-known market since it is situated just off La Rambla, the busiest street in the city. You can buy just about any fruit, vegetable, cut of meat or fresh fish. You'll also find sweets, candy and nuts of every description. Walking through the crowded aisles, looking at the varieties of fruits and vegetables that I couldn't identify, wishing I could taste much of what I was seeing, and watching locals purchasing their groceries for the day all added to the experience of being there.

What I can't share through today's photos are the sounds, smells or excitement that I felt as I tried to make photos of the wide variety of foods. My Nikon P500 camera proved to be a good choice because it is compact and doesn't require changing lenses in the crowded market.

If you like the above images, you should check out my Blog for the next couple of days where you will see more photos from the same market.

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