Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Toulon, France

Toulon, France

Sorry about not sending my Photo of the Day for the past week - I haven't had access to my computer and could not send emails or post photos to my Blog. Everything should be back to normal again effective today.
The first stop on our Royal Caribbean cruise aboard the Liberty of the Seas was Toulon, France. As we were docking, I made a few photographs of the large harbour, which is an important port with a large French naval base. There were quite a few navy ships in the harbour and you will see a few in the photos I've uploaded to my Blog this morning.

It was an absolutely beautiful morning to be on the top deck of "the Liberty" as she docked in this historic harbour. I really liked the early morning lighting and made photos of the whole area as well as a few images of other passengers who were enjoying the fantastic view.

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