Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Barcelona 1

Barcelona 1

When sharing photos from other trips, I've usually shown the photos in the approximate order they were taken. I thought I might change this format, but upon reflection, I feel that it may be the best way to share the photos from this trip.

I chose the theme of my Photo of the Day - EVERYTHING'S A PICTURE - because I have found, after 42 years of making mages, that whenever I take a camera, I find something to photograph. Every time I travel, I see more and more people making images of what they are seeing. These days nearly everyone has a camera; I see people using cell phones, iPads, point and shoot, and digital SLRs. The photos I took on this most recent trip will show you what I decided to photograph and the comments should give you an idea of why I chose to make the photos.

In June 2011, my wife and I did a 12 day cruise out of Barcelona and we spent 3 days there before the cruise and one day after the ship returned. This year we decided that 2 days in Barcelona before our cruise would be enough. Our plan was to spend the afternoon of the first day exploring the streets near our hotel, have something to eat, then get to bed early since we were up nearly 35 hours before we arrived. We planned to explore the Gothic Quarter on the second day.

Today's photos were taken during the afternoon we arrived. The architecture in Barcelona is very beautiful and I photographed several of the buildings near the hotel. I am amazed that people living there have little or no contact with the natural world and that the balconies are their "yards". Their view includes streets and other buildings and the noise at street level is continuous. It is quite a contrast to the peace and quiet I experience around my home in Holyrood.

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