Thursday, October 18, 2012

Barcelona 9

Barcelona 9

Today and tomorrow I plan to share photos of the Gothic Cathedral in Barcelona, Spain. As I said yesterday, last time we were in Barcelona, we visited the same church but they were doing renovations inside and there was quite a bit of scaffolding throughout the building. During this visit there were none and I was able to make a few images I didn't see last time.

The Barcelona Cathedral is very large and was built from the 13th to 15th centuries. I am amazed at the workmanship in the old churches in Europe. I can only imagine the number of people working for hundreds of years, without the benefit of modern technology, that it took to build these magnificent buildings. The architects, painters, sculptors, stone masons, artists and stained glass makers were very talented people, many of whom devoted their entire lives to building just one church.

The last time I was in Barcelona, I met a businessman and his wife that I knew from St. John's and thought it was amazing to meet someone in a different country so far away. As my wife and I walked through this beautiful cathedral I met a retired teacher from St. John's that I first met in Army Camp in 1965. He later stayed in the same residence at university and we've met a few times over the years. I was amazed that I recognized him in such a crowded church so far away from home. It is interesting that I've been to Barcelona twice and met people from Newfoundland that I knew fairly well.

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