Sunday, September 09, 2012

Port au Port Peninsula 1

Port au Port Peninsula 1

The weather didn't cooperate for the second day of our photo trip to the west coast of the island of Newfoundland. As we drove from the Codroy Valley to the Port au Port Peninsula, the clouds got heavier and heavier and the wind picked up quite a bit. We decided to drive around the peninsula despite the weather and continued on.

As we drove through the many towns along the main road, we found that there were very few places to pull off to take photos. As well, there were a lot of fast-moving vehicles which made it difficult to pull over on the narrow roads. Often, we would see beautiful cliffs in the distance, but couldn't find any decent vantage points to make photos. Finally, the strong winds and heavy cloud cover were also against us. Despite these, we did find a few places and took advantage of them to capture the images I plan to share over the next few days.

The first stop had a couple of fishing sheds with a wooden slipway leading to the rough waters. I photographed the sheds, boat and cliffs in the distance, You can see the waves beating against the beach in these photos. This is the type of day when there is a lot of salt spray in the air, especially near the water. Each time I got back into the car, my glasses were full of spots, so I didn't leave my camera exposed to the elements for very long. Salt spray and cameras don't mix well.

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