Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Le Castellet, France

Le Castellet, France

When in Toulon, we booked a shore excursion to Le Castellet, a medieval village atop a hill about 30 minutes drive from the ship. This little town has been restored and gives an idea how villagers may have lived hundreds of years ago. this morning I've included a couple of images of the valleys surrounding this tiny town as well as a few of the narrow streets and people dressed in period costumes.

I watched the coverage of Hurricane/Sub-tropical Storm Sandy in amazement yesterday - so much damage and so many people affected by this unusually large storm. I have to wonder about the reporters who stayed in dangerous areas to bring us up-to-the-minute news. At first I thought they may be brave, but after watching them standing in the rising waters, crashing waves and hurricane force winds, I thought they were irresponsible. People were being advised to evacuate or stay inside during the storm, but the reporters ignored these warnings and put themselves and their crews in danger just to get current images of the storm for their viewers. How can authorities expect the general population to follow their directions when reporters are on television standing in the water and wind? They certainly aren't setting a good example.

I was also shocked to hear about the loss of the HMS Bounty during Hurricane Sandy. I photographed this ship in Puerto Rico last March. You can view my photos of this historic ship at:

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