Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Barcelona 8

Barcelona 8

After leaving the beautiful church, we headed across La Rambla then into the Gothic Quarter where it was our intention to wander around the interesting narrow streets. The images I am sharing this morning show people walking along the narrow roads. We expected less people in Europe in mid-September, but I think there were as many people on the streets of Barcelona as the last time we were there (mid-June).

We walked until coming to the Barcelona Cathedral, which we also visited last year. We decided to walk through it again because there was a lot of scaffolding inside the building last time which made it difficult to appreciate the size of this old building. I found it interesting how people avoided eye contact with the line of beggars near the entrance. The person in the wheelchair has no legs and I can understand why he may need to ask others for money. The others looked healthy enough - just older ladies dressed similarly with hands outstretched towards the tourists.

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