Sunday, October 14, 2012

Barcelona 5

Barcelona 5

After choosing today's photos, I am struck by the different feelings I am having compared with yesterday after viewing photos that were bright and colourful. I am assuming that because the subject of today's images shows dead animals, I am having more negative feelings. I am curious to know if you experience something similar after viewing yesterday's photos and today's.

It was easy to tell when we were near the fish market. The smells of all the different types of fish being sold there was unmistakable. The sounds of ice being poured around the fish, butchers cutting meat, and customers asking questions about the different products all added to the interesting experience of walking through that part of the market.

I made a few photos in the fish and meat markets and thought you may be interested in seeing some of the products and how they are displayed. When you see prices they are in Euros and 1 Euro = $1.30 (approx.).
If you like the above images, you should check out my Blog for the next couple of days where you will see more photos from the same market.

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Hi Bruce, there is a difference between yesterdays bright photos and the fish and meat (dead). It is like wow, we have moved into another place. Roger d'Entremont Bathurst, N.B.58