Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rome 7

Rome 7

This is the last in my Rome series for now. I will return to more photos of Rome when I start my European Churches theme in a few weeks.

The first photo shows a statue of Moses by Michaelangelo that was photographed in St. Peter in Chains Church. Even Michaelangelo thought this was his most lifelike sculpture and, as the story goes, tapped the knee of the sculpture and said "now speak" because he felt that life was the only thing left in the marble. There is a small scar on the knee thought to be made by Michaelangelo's hammer.

The second photo shows the Roman Coliseum which is the largest amphitheatre built in the Roman Empire. It is considered one of the greatest feats of Roman architecture or Roman engineering. Unfortunately our tour didn't go inside this large structure that was completed in 80 AD and was capable of seating 50 000 spectators.

The art in the next few photos were part of the Arch of Constantine located near the Coliseum and was built around 315 AD.

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