Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rome 2

Rome 2

The first three photos this morning were taken in St. Peter's Square before we left for the Old Town. The narrow sideroads were taken along the road that enters the square.

As my wife and I wandered towards Old Rome we crossed the Tiber on the bridge next to Castel Sant'Angelo which was built as a mausoleum for Roman Emperor Hadrian around 135 AD. You can see several statues of angels on pedestals on each side of the bridge. The current statues were created in the late 1600s. I've uploaded several more photos of the sculptures on Ponte Sant'Angelo which was built in 134 AD. I didn't realize how old these bridges were until I got home and looked it up online. If interested you can read about each of the indivdual statues and the sculptors online.

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