Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rome 5

Rome 5

After a stroll through the old streets of Rome and having lunch in a small restaurant we headed back towards St. Peter's Square to meet up with the rest of the tour group. Along the way I photographed the rest of the statues on Ponte Sant'Angelo as well as several other subjects and am sharing those with you today.

After three hours, the sun was much higher in the sky creating better lighting on the statues I missed on the way across the bridge the first time. This time, there were lots of vendors selling their wares on the bridge. I don't know how they make money because I didn't see anyone stop to talk to them. I saw a young woman waiting at a light while looking towards St. Peter's Square add tried to capture the image before the light changed. A reflection off a car window caused a weird effect. At first I was going to delete the photo saved it because of the surreal look to it. I saw a group of teenagers sitting next to a living statue near the bridge. I thought it was funny and bet the "cowboy" was pissed because he couldn't say anything to them. While waiting for the rest of the tour group, I saw Duff Beer for sale and was tempted to buy one but only had time for the photo. I recognized the logo from The Simpson's but didn't know that someone actually made this beer.

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Lucas Kain said...

Oh, wow. I definitely love your Rome series! Absolutely majestic feel and professionally taken pictures. Keep posting, please!

Simply Fone