Sunday, July 03, 2011

Barcelona 8 - Park Güell

As promised I am sharing photos of another of Antonio Gaudi's creations, Park Güell, and another photographic challenge - crowds of people. If you remember, I stated that in the Spanish Village we visited the previous day, there were few people, possibly because of the rain. This park was very crowded when we arrived and at first I was disappointed but soon realized that if I were going to make images of this unique park, I would have to include the people. Today I am sharing images of the crowds but tomorrow I'll share more people photos without the crowds.

To many of you the scenes may not seem that crowded, but you have to remember that I live in a town of around 2000 people. In fact, I live outside the town and my nearest neighbours are my son and his family. When I walk out my back door I am literally in the forest, so the crowds of people we encountered everywhere in Europe were a lot more than were are used to.

I learned of another disadvantage of my new camera at this park - it is difficult to capture people photos because it takes longer to compose and shoot images than with my DSLR. I was frustrated because by the time I was ready to shoot, the moment had passed. However, despite this I was able to capture a few interesting images of people which I will share with you tomorrow.

Today's photos show a little of the architecture of Gaudi's Park Güell which was built in the years between 1900 and 1914. It was originally part of an unsuccessful housing development and was eventually converted to a municipal park. If interested, you can read much more about it online. As I share more photos of the park, you will see once again curved shapes and unique designs.

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