Friday, July 29, 2011

Pompeii 3

Pompeii 3

The first photo this morning shows the city square of old Pompeii with Mount Vesuvius in the background. With clouds around the crater, it looks almost as if the volcano is letting off steam. You can see that there is quite a crowd of people visiting Pompeii at 10 AM. When we were finished our tour, there were many more busloads of people arriving so I was glad we decided to take the early tour that day.

The second image is a closer view of the scene taken with the Nikon Coolpix because I was able to zoom in and eliminate most of the people in my way. It's too bad the people in the shot weren't wearing white togas because I think they are near a temple and with togas it would look much the same as it did in 79 AD.

The other photos show the columns that are still standing after suffering devastating earthquakes, then being covered in ash and lava for 1700 years. Some of the Roman lettering is still visible after all that destruction.

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