Wednesday, July 20, 2011



Today will be the last in the Pisa Series for now. Tomorrow I will start sharing photos I took in Rome.

This morning's photos show how large the buildings in the Square of Miracles really are. You can see people around each building and that they are dwarfed by the buildings. I can only imagine the amount of work it took to build them, especially without modern technology.

I promised that I would comment on the tours I took and hopefully this information may be helpful to those of you who are planning to take a similar cruise. This was a relatively short tour, but since the day before was a long day (8 hours) , and the next day's tour (to Rome) was around 10 hours, this one was just about right. The bus ride from the cruise ship to Pisa was about 35 minutes, then there was a ten minute walk from the parking lot to the Square of Miracles. Our tour guide was excellent and gave lots of information along the way. Once we arrived in Pisa, she provided a good description and history of the buildings we viewed. The only negative thing I could say about this tour was that we only had 45 minutes free time - hardly enough to make photos of all the buildings and not enough time to see the inside of either. However, since it was a very hot day (mid-90s) with little shade, most people were happy with the times.

From the comments I have been receiving, it seems like many of you are enjoying the photos from my recent trip to Europe. That is good since I plan to continue sharing them for a while yet. :)

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